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We passionately believe that every child should feel safe and loved and be able to be the best they can be. It is a scandal that millions of children in this country live in poverty, battle with homelessness, struggle with mental health issues and are groomed into exploitation and abuse. The Children’s Society has a bold and audacious vision for a country which is built for all children, where no child is left behind and every child can thrive not just survive.

For over a decade The Children’s Society’ Good Childhood Report has shown that young people’s well-being in the UK is getting worse. We believe it is a scandal that children’s well-being in the UK is the lowest in Europe, we dare to believe in 21st century Britain that children’s lives should be getting easier not harder, and that every child can be filled with hope for the future.  

Each year we work with thousands of incredible young people. As well as supporting young people directly, we also work with police, teachers, social workers, and other professionals to change the systems that are harming young people's futures. 

We believe that there is a need to continually adapt and change service delivery in line with a continuously changing world.  As such, throughout the last year we have been testing, improving, and scaling up models of service delivery to bring positive change to young people’s lives even more effectively.

We are so proud of all TeamTCS is achieving but we are impatient.  Our Goal is huge, and we are determined to change the world for more young people. We know we can only do this by having a brilliant, committed, energetic team that is backed up by a movement of thousands of people who choose to stand with us, and support us with their time, their money, and their voice.  

We see diversity and inclusion as fundamental to achieving social change. To tackle the complex issues facing young people, we need access to diverse talent, perspectives, experiences and working practices. Applications from diverse backgrounds and communities are encouraged and we have policies to support flexible, inclusive, and accessible employment.    

This is an incredible organisation. So, if you share our vision, our values, and yearn to do the best work of your life, then you will fit in well at The Children’s Society and we would love to hear from you!

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